Cristy C. Road

Illustrator | Writer

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American illustrator and writer who’s been supplying Illustrations for punk, publishing, & activism since she was a teenager in Miami circa1997. Road self-published a Green’zine for ten years, and has since released three illustrated novels which tackle gender, sexuality, mental health and cultural identity; with a tinge of bathroom humor and curse words: “Indestructible” (2005), “Bad Habits” (2008) and her most recent work, “Spit and Passion” (2013), a graphic queer-coming-out memoir (about Green Day). She’s currently illustrating her latest brainchild, the Next World Tarot card deck, and singing, playing guitar, and writing pop-punk songs for her band The Homewreckers. She is a double gemini and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her cat Miss Chipppy.