Jesse Edsell-Vetter


Jesse Edsell-Vetter has been photographing Boston-area social justice happenings for the past 15 years, from post-9/11 vigils to Occupy Boston. His photos of the Honk! Festival of activist street bands have been featured in the Boston Globe and in several solo and collaborative exhibitions. Edsell-Vetter has contributed landscape, nature, performance, and Judaic photograpy to a variety of websites and publications, including the Jewish Times. When he’s not behind a camera, Jesse works as a housing advocate, community organizer, non-profit fundraising consultant, and volunteer running coach. An avid distance runner, Edsell-Vetter has raised tens of thousands of dollars for homelessness prevention, cancer research, and social justice issues through marathon fundraising programs. Jesse lives in Medford, MA with his partner and two sons.