Papel Machete

Radical Theatre Troupe

Papel Machete was born on May 1, 2006 through intervention with masks at the “La Milla de Oro” protests in Hato Rey which occurred under the context of a government shutdown that sparked the taking to the streets of thousands of workers. Given this situation, motivated by the need to accompany and be a part of action in social struggles, this radical theatre troupe composed of workers, artists and students, come together to generate cultural work that reflect their concerns about society’s inequities.

Papel Machete’s performances in communities, theaters, streets and protests employ puppets, masks, objects and music to denounce exploitation, build solidarity, and agitate people to bring them to action in the struggles of the working class. All of their work is generated collectively. Through the use of papier mâché as their medium, the collective explores a wide range of arts forms and styles and have created a number of characters to denounce social injustice and support the struggles of the working class communities and students. Papel Machete is proud to be part of the founding and organizing committee of Titeretada, a yearly event in Puerto Rico celebrating World Puppetry day.