Ryan Camero

Arts Activist |Community Organizer

Ryan Camero is an arts activist and community organizer who believes in the transformative powers of visual storytelling, cross-cultural understanding, and inter-generational communication. Ryan works primarily with Restore the Delta as a delta artivist, the statewide California Student Sustainability Coalition as a water rights campaigner, and the internationally-renowned Beehive Design Collective as a storytelling educator.

Ryan represented California at a national arts activist conference called Gabfestry in 2013, the People’s Climate March in 2014, and led a three-week tour statewide to community centers, venues and universities with an interactive presentation about water privatization from Mesoamerica to California in late 2014 (October to November). He is a 2015 Brower Youth Awards winner, the most prestigious environmental award for young people in North America, and went to the international climate negotiations in Paris (November to December 2015) with SustainUS as a California youth delegate. The focus of his work is centered on anti-oppression, intersectional organizing, and anti-water privatization.