As we grapple with the rhetoric and lies on all sides of U.S. electoral politics, WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN! reminds us of a new generation unwilling to accept defeat. From climate change to economic justice, peace to a voice in our future, racism to gay and transgender rights, and women’s equality to ethnic culture, this book documents movements for social change that are already changing the face of our nation and the world.

—Margaret Randall, writer and social activist

As this wonderful book demonstrates, it’s not the lawyers, it’s not the courts and it’s certainly not the politicians that make revolutionary change possible. It’s only when we the people take to the streets…and stay there until our demands are met…that we can win the new and better world we fight for.

—Jim Lafferty, National Lawyers Guild

Graphic Novels and Comics are FUN! The People’s History is FABULOUS! Fighting and Winning is FANTASTIC!! The stories in this book are not always new (though SOME of them are), but they are always presented in a vibrant, refreshing, student-friendly and useful fashion. Buy this book, and let’s plan some victories together!

—Matt Meyer, author, peace educator, war resister

Part illustrated cookbook and part illuminated prayer book, Greg Jobin-Leeds and AgitArte showcase people and projects in this book as a beautiful proof statement for the strategy, When We Fight, We Win!. And indeed it is our duty to fight for all who struggle in years to come.

—Lisa Rudman, Making Contact

The voice of veteran organizers and emerging leaders alike reveal the ingredients that make modern movements inclusive, radical, and effective. These voices can fuel our daily practice, and, most important, makes us feel hopeful for the future of our world. From there, all we need to do is act.


[A] beautiful book… At this moment in history, it’s more important than ever that young people recognize how their futures are tied to the vitality of social movements. When We Fight, We Win! is a valuable resource for educators as we help students come to see themselves as activists.

—Rethinking Schools

When We Fight, We Win! wins us over to the struggle for justice and freedom by sharing the passions, insights, and hard decisions made by ordinary people, to resist tyranny and oppression. It is ultimately a joyful book. We witness how we continue (despite the misery of countless disasters) as sister Maya Angelou reminded us, to rise.

—Alice Walker, Novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist.

Commitment to social change is the most cutting edge step anyone can take and this book brings you the voices of those who’ve stepped up big time! It’s a visually beautiful and articulate collection of calls to arm that will keep you from being satisfied sitting on the sidelines.


—Jewelle Gomez, Novelist, activist & playwright

In When We Fight, We Win!, activists and anyone new to the social movements of the early 21st century will find first-person insights and a primer on the history of these movements, from the 1960s to 2015…organizers, artists and musicians tell stories of failure and success, what worked and what didn’t, what keeps them going and how anyone can get involved. Their strong awareness of the links between their various causes illuminates a principle Jobin-Leeds calls ‘transformative organizing’.…The text is clear and to the point, infused with the passionate and practical voices of many creative effective individuals working toward common goals. ‘We will fail. We will stumble. We will doubt and we will hesitate. Don’t give up.’

—Sara Catterall, Shelf Awareness

In addition to public education, the book highlights gay, prison, immigration, economic, and environmental activism, but one of its main lessons is that issues and answers are never confined to such neat categorical boxes… As the afterword by Antonia Darder summarizes, ‘the underlying problem must be understood as racism in a capitalist society….’ The art is consistently and effectively provocative… Organizers will find much of this helpful and instructive.


—Kirkus Reviews