Tuesday, February 9, 2016 7:30pm

Green Apple/Books on the Park

San Francisco, CA

Featuring Ryan Camero of the Beehive Collective, Neva Walker, Culture Strike’s Favianna Rodríguez and Julio Salgado, with AgitArte and Greg Jobin-Leeds.

1231 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

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Cultural Workers Organization | Co-Author & Art Curator

Favianna Rodríguez

Artist | CultureStrike's Executive Director

Greg Jobin-Leeds

Schott Foundation for Public Education, Co-Founder & Co-Chair | Author

Julio Salgado

Visual Artist | DreamersAdrift.com Co-Founder

Neva Walker

Coleman Advocates Executive Director | Community Organizer

Ryan Camero

Arts Activist |Community Organizer