Friday, October 26, 2018 7:00pm

Solidaridad y liberación: AgitArte’s Cultural Work and Mutual Support after Hurricane maria

Boston, MA

During our short stay in Boston, we will perform Solidaridad y Sobrevivencia para Nuestra Liberación / Solidarity and Survival for Our Liberation, a cantastoria about the political and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María. The piece depicts the catastrophic situation contrasted by the militancy of mutual relief support efforts by and for the people. Painted by Puerto Rican artist Estefanía Rivera and written and performed by members of Papel Machete, this cantastoria toured to more than 20 different locations after Hurricane María. AgitArte will also present the End the Debt! Decolonize! Liberate! Scroll, a participatory art object and cultural response to Hurricane María that tells the story of U.S. imperialism through the lens of the current economic and environmental state of Puerto Rico and its diaspora.

Come and share with us during this 90 minute presentation and discussion about the critical cultural production and movement building work of AgitArte in Puerto Rico and the US.

29 Germania St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-2374