Announcing Episode 3 of When We Fight, We Win! The Podcast: ‘Fighting the Common Enemy of White Supremacy with Stosh Cotler’

By: Greg Jobin-Leeds

Why would the Jewish community choose to stand up for immigrant communities? In this episode you’ll learn about the commitment to collective liberation and the importance of allies, speaking out and showing up united as one.

Episode 3 of When We Fight, We Win! The podcast has arrived. We speak with Stosh Cotler, the CEO, of Bend the Arc. Bend the Arc a movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews from all across the country. They partner with immigrant-led and Black, brown and justice organizations. 

From anti-Semitism all the way to the rally for the rights of children separated from their families under the Trump administrations zero tolerance policy at the border, Stosh explores her role in the fight for uniting Jewish voices across America. Stosh is a leader in the modern Jewish resistance movement.

Episode 3 is now available across all podcast streaming platforms.

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