In 2016, the book When We Fight, We Win! was born through a collaboration between writer and activist Greg Jobin-Leeds (Author) and AgitArte (Art Direction/Editing), an organization of working class artists and cultural producers who work at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and ideology, and create projects and practices of cultural solidarity with grassroots struggles for liberation. The book documents the lessons, themes, and creative strategies that have surfaced in social movements between 2000 and 2015 in the United States. Through a five year research and interview process with organizers across transformative movements, the book manifests in six chapters, highlighting six intersectional struggles in the US: LGBTQ liberation, the fight for public education, immigrant rights, the struggle for economic power of the 1%, and environmental justice. The artwork featured in the book creates a visual pulse elevating and connecting the stories, interviews and reflections that together proclaim the rallying cry: “When We Fight, We Win!”


Similar to the book, the When We Fight, We Win! / ¡Cuando Luchamos, Ganamos! exhibition features artists, cultural organizers and collectives whose work bolsters people’s movements and builds solidarity across place, culture and struggle. Moving from the page to the gallery walls, the exhibition provides space to share and interact with movement art in tactile and visceral ways, breaking the barriers of two dimensional form, to invite performance, moving image, installation, artwork used in direct actions, and collective art making.


This exhibition is made possible with support from When We Fight, We Win! and The Clemente’s Open Call Program which is supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York Council on the Arts.


The exhibition will be open 3:30-7pm everyday through July 30, 2018. 




AgitArteAgustín Muñoz RíosAnother Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, Antonia DarderBread and PuppetBria M. RoyalCity Life/Vida UrbanaCrystal ClarityCultureStrikeDey HernándezEmily SimonsErik R. McGregorEstefanía Rivera CortésFernando LopezFor the People Artists CollectiveGabriela ÁlvarezJackie Fawn, Javier Maldonado O’Farill, Jayeesha DuttaJesús IñiguezJornada: Se acabaron las PromesasJosé Jorge DíazJosé ‘Primo’ HernándezJulio SalgadoKevin “Rashid” JohnsonMicah BazantMónica TrinidadMolly CrabappleMumia Abu JamalOsvaldo Budet MeléndezPapel MacheteRachel SchragisRadical Arts & Healing CollectiveRemyRude Mechanical OrchestraSoutherners On New GroundSugeily Rodriguez LebronSylvia HernandezTina OrlandiniThe Indian Problem, and more!


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Kevin “Rashid” Johnson – He has recently been moved to Sussex State Prison in Waverly, VA. Write to Kevin “Rashid”:

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson
24414 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly, VA 23891-1111


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