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WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN! Live, Season 1: Mutual Aid and Solidarity in a Time of Crisis is a live webcast series that was created in response to COVID-19. We speak with activists, artists, healers and organizers working on the frontlines.

Each episode offers a unique perspective from social-change leaders in their fields as to how we can support and stand in solidarity together during this challenging time. From prison reform movements, to immigration movements, to how we can learn to grieve during this time, we hope that these recordings will both inspire and educate.


We are grateful to the leaders that we’ve had the privilege of speaking with and hope to continue the conversation by sharing these episodes with you.

Episode #1 “Cultural Organizing + Rapid Response in Puerto Rico”


Greg and Dey dive deep into mutual aid and solidarity with Jorge Díaz Ortiz and Sugeily Rodríguez of AgitArte. They are both organizers working on the frontlines in Puerto Rico. How can we stand in solidarity with a post-hurricane Maria society in Puerto Rico? Learn about resources and organizations to support in this episode. Recorded 3/25/20.

Episode #2 “Immigrant’s Organizing + Love in the Time of Corona”


Greg and Dey speak with the Executive Director of Centro Presente, Patricia Montes, a leading immigration organization based in Boston, MA. How can we support our undocumented community during this time? Patricia delves into the resources that Centro Presente is working to provide to the communities in need during the COVID-19 crisis as well as the partner organizations that are working to lift up Centro Presente’s mission and values. Recorded 4/1/20.

Episode 3 “#FREEOurFamilies! Ending Incarceration and Loving Fearlessly” 


Greg and Dey speak to Ayana Aubourg and Vanessa Ly of Sisters Unchained, a Boston-based organization that works with families of those incarcerated. What does abolition mean to you? How can we support their organization and work during COVID-19? Well, driving your car and honking outside of jails is just one way. Learn more about how to keep this movement alive during COVID-19 in this episode. Recorded 4/8/20.

Episode #4 “#StayHomeButNotSilent, Domestic Workers’ Organizing and Movement Building”


Greg and Dey chat with Monique Tú Nguyen the Executive Director of the Matahari Women Workers’ Center. Matahari is working to provide resources to the immigrant community in the Greater Boston area. Hear directly on how the work that Matahari is doing has shifted from being active in person to being active online. And of course, what we can do to support. Recorded 4/15/20.

Episode #5 “Sounds of Resistance” 


We take some time to heal our souls with the sounds of live music. Hear the incredible and soothing sounds of Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant, Banjineh “Optimus” Brown and Agustín Muñoz Ríos and MC’d by our very own @canocangrejo and let the music transform you. Our first episode of live music is just what you need. Recorded 4/22/20.

Episode #6 “You Can’t Evict a Movement!, Tenant’s Rights + Housing Organizing during Pandemic Times” 


Greg and Dey hear directly from Paige Kümm of the Right To The City Alliance. How can we uplift this existing movement during COVID-19? Housing rights is not a new issue for our most marginalized groups. With millions out of work due to the pandemic, how have housing rights shifted during this time? on how to be in solidarity with those impacted by housing rights and the activists during this time. Recorded 4/29/20.

Episode #7 “Reclaiming Our Death Practices. Grief + Death during Pandemic Times”


Greg and Dey learn from birth, death and healing doula Luana Morales. How do cope and grieve during pandemic times? A practice. During this unique time, how can we feel the loss of those that we love and not feel alone? shares with us some of the ways in which her work has shifted and tips on how to grieve during this time. Recorded 5/7/20.

Episode #8 “Sounds of Resistance II” 


Our second music episode features the incredible sounds of Albino Mbie & Taina Asili w/ guitarist Gaetano and is MC’d by our very own @canocangrejo. Let the music speak for itself and take a moment for yourself to let the music transform you. Recorded 5/13/20.

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