Announcing When We Fight, We Win! The Podcast

By: Greg Jobin-Leeds

We are excited to announce the launch of When We Fight, We Win!; The Podcast.

In each episode you’ll hear directly from artists and organizers on the frontlines of movements— from transforming our prison system to reclaiming our public education. Their inspiring stories are for everyone who’s ready to go from being an activist to a transformative organizer.

This series—the powerful stories and music—will blow listeners’ minds, opening them to new possibilities and power.

We’re here for everyone, especially folks who are ready to have a switch flipped in their brain, so they can understand the root causes of the problems we are facing. And a switch flipped in their heart so they can feel the meaning of true solidarity.

Every organizer started somewhere.

We want to help our listeners learn something viscerally that can help them permanently alter their behavior and become more effective in pursuing their social change goals. When We Fight, We Win!; The Podcast not only encourages listeners, it give them the tools they need to take action.

There are now almost 30,000 copies of When We Fight, We Win! in print. We are happy to continue growing this dynamic community with you.

Tune in – and please share this podcast with up and coming organizers in your networks and follow us on social media!

Facebook + Instagram: @whenwefightwewin

Twitter: @wefightandwin

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