Season 2, Episode 6, Debt Strike: The Fight to Cancel Student Loans

In this episode, we explore the US’s student debt crisis and its intersections with class, race, and gender. Millions of college graduates have a debt burden, which takes on an emotional, mental, and physical toll. Every day, more and more adults can’t improve their quality of life because going to college was an expense out of proportion.


The Debt Collective is organizing to demand the cancellation of all student debt. We interviewed two Black university graduates: Armen Henderson, a physician with over $600,000 in debt, and Lauren Horner, organizer of the Debt Collective. Armen and Lauren are debt strikers; they are not paying their debt and are demanding free college for all.


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Illustration by José Hernández Díaz.

Episode 7, Word of the Day: Environmental Racism

Environmental Racism is a term used to describe the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards and injustices within a racialized context. In both practice and policy making, there is a correlation between the location of hazardous industrial sites and the economic and racial status and placement of their surrounding communities. Industries such as hazardous waste management facilities, sewage plants, incinerators, oil refineries, gas extraction, pipelines, and landfills directly affect the well-being and health of the people and living species that inhabit the landscape.


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