What Can You Do Now That You’ve Listened to ‘Fighting the Common Enemy of White Supremacy with Stosh Cotler’?

By Greg Jobin-Leeds & Thalia Carroll-Cachimuel

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What can you do now that you’ve listened to “Fighting the Common Enemy of White Supremacy with Stosh Cotler“? In this episode Stosh explores her organizations and Jews role in the fight against anti-Semitism, and rallies for the rights of children separated from their families under the Trump administrations zero tolerance policy at the border.

Stosh talks about uniting Jewish voices across America as a leader in the modern Jewish resistance movement.

If you are new to this, pick any one of these and it will be a start and contribution.

1. Help financially by centering organizations led by immigrants:

  • United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country. With over 400000 members, they fight for justice and dignity for all immigrants. Support United We Dream here.
  • Donate (scroll down on the webpage & click ‘Donate’) to Centro Presente and help the local movement and refugee families sustain themselves & stay in the country.
  • Lawyers for Civil Rights fosters equal opportunity and fights discrimination on behalf of people of color and immigrants. They engage in creative and courageous legal action, education, and advocacy in collaboration with law firms and community partners.
  • Brazilian Workers Center works to support workers’ struggles in the Greater Boston area around issues of workplace rights and immigration. Through organizing, advocacy, education, leadership, and capacity building, they join immigrant workers and their families in the fight against economic, social and political marginalization and in working to create a more just society.
  • Matahari Women Workers’ Center (“Matahari”) is a Greater Boston organization where women of color, immigrant women, and families come together as sisters, workers, and survivors to make improvements in ourselves and society and work towards justice and human rights. Their goal is to end gender-based violence and exploitation.

2. Help financially by supporting Jewish-led solidarity organizations.:

  • Bend the Arc is a movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews all across the country. For years, they’ve worked to build a more just society. Now they’re rising up in solidarity with everyone threatened by the Trump agenda to fight for the soul of our nation.
  • Jewish Organizing Initiative Network (JOIN) is building a powerful field of Jewish leaders capable of effectively organizing for justice, both inside and outside Jewish communities in the US. They organize because, in the words of Emma Lazarus, “Until we are all free, we are none of us free”—our destinies are bound up as one.
  • American Jewish World Service is the leading Jewish organization working to fight poverty and pursue justice in the developing world. Through philanthropy and advocacy, they respond to the most pressing issues of our time—from disasters, genocide and hunger, to the persecution of women and minorities worldwide. With Jewish values and a global reach, AJWS is making a difference in millions of lives and building a more just and equitable world.
  • IfNotNow is building a vibrant and inclusive movement within the American Jewish community, across generations and organizational affiliations. This movement is open to any who seek to shift the American Jewish public and our political leaders towards a hopeful vision for Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Jews For Racial & Economic Justice has pursued racial and economic justice in New York City by advancing systemic changes that result in concrete improvements in people’s everyday lives. They are inspired by Jewish tradition to fight for a sustainable world with an equitable distribution of economic and cultural resources and political power. The movement to dismantle racism and economic exploitation will be led by those most directly targeted by oppression. They believe that Jews have a vital role to play in this movement. The future they hope for depends on Jews forging deep and lasting ties with their partners in struggle.
  • Never Again Action is a movement of thousands of Jews and allies fighting to end the US’ cruel immigration policies. They are not going to sit at home while people are dying and families are being rounded up. They take action that directly targets the system, demonstrates the stakes to the public, and inspires people to join us. They are committed to nonviolent action—our role is to expose and disrupt the daily violence of the system, not add violence that would weaken our authority and endanger our allies.