Ways to Support Navajo Nation: “Indigenous Mutual Aid + COVID-19 Response” Follow-Up Resource List

By: Thalia Carroll-Cachimuel

Indigenous Mutual Aid is an information and support network with an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist framework. We exist to inspire and empower autonomous Indigenous relief organizing in response to COVID-19.

Indigenous Action is a radical volunteer crew of anti-colonial & anti-capitalist Indigenous media makers & agitators that work together on a project by project basis for liberation for Mother Earth and all her beings.

Find Indigenous Mutual Aid Groups to learn more about and support.

Donate to the Radical Indigenous Mutual Aid Emergency Fund.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief has an amazing list of resources and guides.

Read more about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women from Justice For Native Women.

Consider supporting the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Thalia Carroll-Cachimuel is the Communications Associate on the When We Fight, We Win! team. Thalia is an Indigenous and Latinx human rights advocate working at the intersection of integrated marketing and social justice.

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