Donate to Casa-Taller and Help us Rebuild Santurce, Puerto Rico

We need to support and center the efforts on the ground by folks who have been doing the frontline work both at the community level and national struggle’s against the Junta de Control Fiscal and neoliberal and colonial policies and projects in Puerto Rico.
– Jorge Díaz Ortiz, Founder & Artistic Director of AgitArte
On Wednesday, September 20th, Casa-Taller and the larger Santurce community, like many neighborhoods on the island of Puerto Rico, were incredibly damaged by Hurricane Maria.


Now that we have surpassed our initial goal of $30,000 and are able to address the basic needs of Casa-Taller and our people, we are entering the next phase of our campaign which focuses on more long-term relief and the construction of a new Puerto Rico with grassroots networks established before Hurricane Maria. We know that this process will take months and even years and we are committed to the struggle.

This is why we are increasing our goal to $100,000.

With more financial support we will be able to do so much more than support our community of Santurce. Here is some of what we have planned so far:

  • Provide support to members of our extended political family in Puerto Rico who do not have access to nonprofit funds and other resources, and have started Centros de Apoyo Mutuo (Mutual Support Centers). These Centros are cooking food for many folks who have none
  • Purchase more equipment for existing Comedores Sociales (Collective Kitchens) and establish new ones to continue building capacity to travel meals through our grassroots networks
  • Collaborate with our Boston partners, “Seeds of Our Ancestors” to create and distribute Wellness Medicine Kits and provide mental and physical wellness to the many suffering from trauma
  • Purchase and distribute aid directly to those desperately in need and not receiving food and supplies fast enough from FEMA. This includes renting a fleet of vehicles that will enable us to transport people and resources to and from hard to reach places on the main island.


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