How can we stand together to ensure the educational future of the next generation? Listen to the voices of AgitArte, the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico, Journey for Justice Alliance, and the Alliance for Quality Education as they worked together to convene The Transnational Encounter to Defend Public Education. This forum was held to explore how solidarity between two nations is imperative in working towards creating a strong public education system.

Content warning: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), family separation, police brutality

In this second episode of our podcast, Host Dey Hernández and Greg Jobin-Leeds interview Cristina Jiménez. Cristina is an Ecuadoran immigration activist who co-founded United We Dream in 2008. 

Cristina talks about the conditions that lead immigrants to leave their countries to seek a better future while delving into the deep-rooted issues and adversity that immigrants face in the USA. Cristina shares how United We Dream was born from the need for an organization to stand up and fight for the rights of immigrants. Jorge Díaz explores the word 'Undocumented' in the segment 'The Word of the Day'.

Music: "Ultima-Thule" and "Slate-Tracker" By Blue Dot Sessions and "Resist" generously shared by Rev. Sekou.

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