RECAP: PolicyLink Equity Summit 2018, Chicago 4/11-13

“Do it with Radical Thinking”
– Angela Glover Blackwell, Chief Executive Officer, PolicyLink

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending PolicyLink’s equity summit. Below are some highlights from their agenda:

  • Lessons from Chicago, Part I: Community Organizing, a discussion moderated by Sylvia Puente: executive director at Latino Policy Forum 
  • An Intersectional Movement for Immigration Reform 
  • Girls and Women of Color: The Next Wave of the Racial Equity Movement, led by Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Jamaica Gilmer, Founder and Executive Director of The Beautiful Project
  • Lastly, reclaiming Community: Building Civic Power Through Arts and Culture 

The Girls and Women of Color: The Next Wave of the Racial Equity Movement workshop, made it to my favorite list because this is one of the identities I dearly hold to myself. As a WOC, I would like to affirm we are not the “next” wave, we have, are and will continue to be the wave for the racial equity movement. Women are the future and we need to keep supporting our girls.

If you think you are powerless and can’t do anything to support the sisterhood, let me tell you that’s wrong. You can always do something!

1. Look in your neighboorhood: be a mentor/tutor to young girls, talk to them, empower them, show them that it is possible to become anything you want to be regardless of any odds. If you can buy from WOC-owned business, PLEASE DO IT!

2. Look for projects that might be doing similar work as the Beautiful Project is doing, and if you seem to find there is none in existence how about if you create one :D?

3. Look at the women in your family and friend group: UPLIFT THEM!

As Angela said during policy link’s opening: when you make decisions do it with radical thinking.

Be-Support-Uplift and Empower Women of Color with Radical Thinking. 

I would like to thank Angela, Policy Link, Chicago, and all the speakers, presenters and discussion facilitators for this opportunity and space for us – Radical Thinkers-

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