How to Reimagine the World


How to Reimagine the World. Collaboration Principles for Artists & Social Justice Organizers

Developed by Micah Bazant, Forward Together, and CultureStrike

“Imagine Black liberation movements without music, trans and queer freedom struggles without dance, immigrant justice movements without posters and murals.
Art and culture are not just accessories to organizing, they are indispensable. Critical. The blood and and re of our movements.

They sustain us and allow us to not only imagine, but to feel the world we are building together. Art touches us powerfully and immediately. It conveys our dreams, rage, and joy, in ways that data and petitions cannot. Artists in frontline and targeted communities expand our movements and cross social divides by uncovering truths, reimagining our stories, and engaging more people. Cultural work may not always result in easily measurable outcomes, but it opens crucial space to dream bigger and envision the worlds we want to create.


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