Kindred Choirs, Cantastorias, and Puppets with AgitArte! by SONG

SONG and the folks from AgitArte recently had the opportunity to begin the journey towards a very beautiful collaboration. AgitArte, in their own words, are a group of folks who work in communities threatened by under-development, displacement and gentrification, using the arts and cultural work to educate and to organize for social and economic justice. At SONG, we are amped to step up our cultural work game, and who better to do that with, than with these folks? Dey and Jorge of AgitArte came to Atlanta to facilitate a training with SONG members and staff around the work that they do and how we can incorporate helpful aspects of that into our ongoing organizing work.


Then they walked us through brainstorming how SONG wants to utilize these tools: What narratives and voices are we trying to lift up? What political interventions are we trying to build? For SONG, it is clear that through cultural work we want to:

1. Build popular education and political education
2. Showcase and focus our history and legacy as LGBTQ Freedom Fighters
3. Create a vision of a South free from fear

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