Season 3, Episode 5, We Are Relatives, The Struggle for Land and Water

WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN!: The Podcast – Season 3, Episode 5 ‘We Are Relatives, The Struggle to Defend Land and Water’ is out now!

Despite the current climate change scenario, gas pipeline projects continue to move forward in the United States. Enbridge’s Line 3 “replacement” pipeline in Anishinaabe territory is the latest development that has triggered a new struggle against fossil fuel dependency. The Indigenous-led camp resistance in Northern Minnesota is committed to protecting and honoring the land and water.
In this episode, we interview Water Protector, #AmberMorningStarByars, who has been at the frontlines of Line 3 and the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL). Amber shares her Indigenous cosmovision and how remembering our ancestral ways of being will protect the Earth from climate chaos and save us from our own extinction.

Season 3, Episode 2 – Word of the Day: Sex Work

The word of the day is Sex Work. The term refers to the exchange of sexual services between consenting adults of all genders, for money or goods, sex work positions, the rights, safety, and wellness of sex workers as a labor struggle and in solidarity with all workers who are exploited under capitalism between 1979 and 1980 sex worker and activists. Coined a phrase, sex work and the woman against violence and pornography and media conference in San Francisco. The shift away from prostitution to sex work emerged from the struggle led by sex workers for their safety and survival. Fundamental to this shift in language is the agency of sex workers to name themselves while also emphasizing the role and society has worked.


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AgitArte Heaven on Earth Artwork in support of Sex Workers in New Orleans

AgitArte Heaven on Earth Artwork in Support of Sex Workers in New Orleans The genesis of this episode was a collaboration between AgitArte and Southerners On New Ground (SONG) in…

Further Reading on Sex Worker Organizing

As is the care for all episodes of When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast, the producers of Sex Work Is Work! Did extensive research while preparing to tell this…


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