Make Room for Voices From Prison by Prison Radio

Continuing in the tradition of Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others…

People in prison deserve a place in our media. Help us open the airwaves.

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For 25 years, Prison Radio has aired the voices of some of the most progressive political prisoners. Now we need your help to keep this going.

Thanks to supporters like you, we broadcast testimonies on local radio stations, national networks, and international channels. You’ve gotten to hear Mumia Abu-Jamal’s social commentaries in the global media, along with breaking news from over 100 journalists reporting from inside U.S. prisons.

We believe that people in prison must play a central role in the dialogues and movements that challenge injustice, mass incarceration and political imprisonment. That’s why we are launching a new campaign to give voice to:

*Women, trans, and queer folks serving time in prison,
*people held in solitary confinement,
*undocumented activists detained in ICE centers,
*youth serving life sentences, and
*those held in Pennsylvania prisons (where a recent law sought to silence all PA prisoners).




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