Thank you Community Book Center + NOLA movement builders!

Last night, we exchanged with local organizers and movement builders (Karla Rosas from Congreso and Angela Kinlaw from Take ‘Em Down NOLA) in New Orleans for a When We Fight, We Win! book event and update on the status of Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria, now under US military occupation.

Hosted by the Community Book Center and emceed by the amazing Paulina Helm-Hernandez, AgitArte Board Member and Special Projects Director of Southerners On New Ground (SONG), the event included a call-in from AgitArte Founder and Artistic Director Jorge Díaz Ortiz who is organizing on the ground in Puerto Rico with many others, feeding hundreds per day and providing space and leadership for ground-up mutual aid in Puerto Rico. Dey Hernandez, AgitArte Project Coordinator / Designer and Art Director of When We Fight, We Win! shared ways folks can join and support AgitArte’s work, and read a moving piece about her experience since the storm hit her country two weeks ago.

In the next few days, AgitArte will be meeting with folks who experienced and organized in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to build solidarity and gather resources and knowledge to share with our people in Puerto Rico.


Thank you to all who joined us in New Orleans!


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