The Feministing Five: Dey Hernández by Suzanna Bobadilla


On March 28, 2016 Dey Hernández was featured on Feministing Five by Suzanna Bobadilla.

“This week, we spoke with Dey Hernández, an artist, activist, and educator who uses art and cultural works to fight against injustice.

Dey is based in the greater Boston area and is a leader across communities in the US, the Caribbean, and beyond! Her work is a fantastic example of how art and activism can be intertwined to build and sustain social movements. Her work to fight gentrification, displacement, racism and beyond combines community organizing with sculpture and performance pieces. We are so happy to learn more about her and her work.

And now, without further ado, the Feministing Five with Dey Hernández!

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Suzanna Bobadilla is a writer, activist, and digital strategist.

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