The Same Thing, a climate human powered scroll by Rachel Schragis

This tiny but long illustrated scroll is a people’s powered cantastoria piece that illustrates scenes of climate injustice and resistance in the USA and Canada made by Rachel Schragis.
Rachel generated the idea for this piece at a residency put on for artists engaged in climate work, where they identified a real need for artwork that helped the climate movement see itself as a thing- for people who do to understand themselves as fighting fracking, or tarsands, or a pipeline, recovering from a disaster as part of something bigger than their fight. The piece was made based on collaboration and research with climate activists around the North East.


*Here are the words to the song:

There is one question with a thousand answers
Or perhaps only one answer to a thousand things to ask
But hey, don’t you know, there’s no need to feel dejected
Because all of our grievances are connected

There are some places I’ve been that you have not been to
There are some places I’ve been that you have been to too
There are some places you’ve been that I have not been to
There are some places that we have not been to yet.


Everywhere I go I see a different situation, but
Everywhere I go I see the same thing.
Everywhere we are we see a different situation, but
Everywhere we are we know the same thing.



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Scroll Performance by Rachel Schragis at When We Fight, We Win! launch in powerHouse, Brooklyn. Photos by Erik McGregor