Water Is Life: In Defense of Sovereignty at Standing Rock. By SONG

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed the growing movement and active resistance led by the Lakota/Dakota Nations, or the seven council fires that make up the Oceti Sakowin. Many more indigenous nations, brave and visionary elders and young people, women and two spirit warriors from around the world have joined them, because they know the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline is part of the long-standing battle against colonization that has plagued this continent and the globe for hundreds of year (Learn more by reading the Standing Rock Syllabus). These Water Protectors are standing in defense of water, land, traditions, and the right to govern themselves without interference from corporations or state entities. The SONG political family stands in solidarity with the Water Protectors and warriors currently at the site of major political and spiritual resistance: Standing Rock, North Dakota, one of the largest gatherings of indigenous people in modern history.



If you’re interested in joining other SONG members and political family traveling to support on the ground resistance or if you have additional ways to support and amplify please contact kindred@southernersonnewground.org