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On February 1st, Greg Jobin-Leeds featured in a in-depth conversation with Uprising host, Sonali Kolhatkar:

The white armed militia in Oregon and the rise of Donald Trump and his hordes of supporters are enough to cause anxiety and depression. But although the rise of the right wing has scared many progressives, there is in fact much to celebrate. The LGBT movement has won serious victories for marriage equality. The racial justice movement has started a major conversation to assert that Black Lives Matter. Fast food and Walmart workers have scored crucial victories for higher wages. While there is still a long way to go in our struggles, the fact is that, according to my guest, “When We Fight, We Win!” That’s the title of his new book. The subtitle is “Twenty First Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World.”

The book is co-authored by an artist’s activist collective named AgitArte. Rinku Sen, publisher of colorlines.com, wrote the foreword to the book, and acclaimed education thinker and writer Antonia Darder, wrote the afterword. The book is chock full of art and visual elements and is based on a series of interviews that Jobin-Leeds and his collaborators did with activists around the country that are engaged in the most important political movements of our day. Organized into specific chapters, “When We Fight, We Win!” explores the movements for LGBT rights, public education, racial justice, immigrant rights, and economic justice.

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