What Can You Do Now That You’ve Listened to ‘Resist & the Role of Solidarity with Rev. Sekou’?

By: Greg Jobin-Leeds & Thalia Carroll-Cachimuel

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What can you do now that you’ve listened to When We Fight, We Win! Podcast: ’Resist and the Role of Solidarity with Rev. Osagyefo Sekou? Here you can find:  

  • organizations  to support,  
  • music to  listen to,  
  • resources to learn more (websites, books and films),  
  • Black-led political organizations to keep your eye on, and  
  • activists/community leaders to follow and  repost on your social channels.  

Whether you’re a long-time activist or learning now about how to get involved, these resources are a way to  grow and contribute to the fight!  
1. Help financially  by centering organizations led by  people of color.  

  • Rev.  Sekou is  asking our community  to check out Memphis For All, an  organization that  is part of an emergent progressive electorate fighting for democracy, solidarity, and justice inside and outside the ballot box. 
  • Our dear friend, David Ragland, PhD, was the person that introduced many on our team to Rev. Sekou. Dave is Co-Founder of  The Truth Telling Project.  The Truth Telling Project  implements and sustains grassroot, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify voices on structural violence. They  share stories, facilitate healing, support activists on the ground, educate, and seek justice.  Please take a  moment to consider a donation here.  
  • Meet Mama Cat, the woman that feeds  the movement and creator of,  PotBangerz. We met Mama Cat at a Rev.  Sekou & the Holy Ghost  concert in St. Louis. PotBangerz  is a St. Louis based tax-deductible organization of family and  community leaders who fight in justice  by uplifting the community, meeting nutritional needs, helping unhoused families navigate their  way to permanent housing.  
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Switch Flipping

By: Greg Jobin-Leeds

“For me solidarity is not a political abstraction, but rather it is how, who do we live with? Who do we eat with, right? Who do we break bread with? Whose children do we help bury? Whose hands do we hold when they’re putting their loved ones in the ground.” Rev. Sekou

Sitting next to Sekou as we recorded our first episode of When We Fight, We Win!; The Podcast was one of my “flip switching” moments, My understanding of solidarity expanded after I heard Sekou’s definition. Prior to that moment, I had understood the mutuality of solidarity intellectually, in my mind; but in this first episode, Sekou’s brilliance pierced my heart.

Sekou’s music and words have deeply moved me since the first time I heard him play in St. Louis in 2016.

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Announcing When We Fight, We Win! The Podcast

By: Greg Jobin-Leeds

We are excited to announce the launch of When We Fight, We Win!; The Podcast.

In each episode you’ll hear directly from artists and organizers on the frontlines of movements— from transforming our prison system to reclaiming our public education. Their inspiring stories are for everyone who’s ready to go from being an activist to a transformative organizer.

This series—the powerful stories and music—will blow listeners’ minds, opening them to new possibilities and power.

We’re here for everyone, especially folks who are ready to have a switch flipped in their brain, so they can understand the root causes of the problems we are facing. And a switch flipped in their heart so they can feel the meaning of true solidarity.

Every organizer started somewhere.

We want to help our listeners learn something viscerally that can help them permanently alter their behavior and become more effective in pursuing their social change goals. When We Fight, We Win!; The Podcast not only encourages listeners, it give them the tools they need to take action.

There are now almost 30,000 copies of When We Fight, We Win! in print. We are happy to continue growing this dynamic community with you.

Tune in – and please share this podcast with up and coming organizers in your networks and follow us on social media!

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