When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast S2, Episode 4, PART 1: Abolishing the Police, #CopsOffCampus

In this two part episode, we devote our conversation to the importance of Abolishing the Police in all of its forms. A world without cops is a step forward to live in a safe, inclusive, accountable, and thriving society.


Part 1 focuses on the importance of abolishing the police inside campus, at the universities. We go to Los Angeles to interview student activist, Oceana Gilliam and UCLA professor Ananya Roy.


Our story begins in June 2020, when the LAPD used the Jackie Robinson Stadium as a field jail to detain Black Lives Matter activists. This was during protests demanding justice after the recent killing of George Floyd by police officers. Meanwhile, students, faculty, and staff at the University of California are organizing to get #CopsOffCampus by Fall 2021.


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Season 2, Episode 7: From Dante’s Inferno to Gordon Plaza

Following the dream of breaking the cycle of generational wealth, this Black working-class community of first-time homebuyers discovered that the City of New Orleans built the houses over a toxic landfill and never remediated the soil. The residents have contended all kinds of health issues and have the second-highest sustained rates of cancer in the entire state of Louisiana.


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