Season 2, Episode 4: Abolishing the Police, Part 2: A Feminist Lens

How do we make this world safe for Black people? The US is inciting a war on poor and working-class communities — through law enforcement — that is deeply racialized and deeply gendered. Policing and mass control maintain the hegemony, while patriarchy plays out in how we respond to harm through violence and punishment. Abolition through a Black feminist lens offers a radical approach to address violence and harm in our communities.

In this episode we listen to Gina Clayton-Johnson, Director of the Essie Justice Group and co-creator of The BREATHE Act. The BREATHE Act is a federal bill that builds a society of community care and safety to replace the current systems of domination and control. Gina speaks about political isolation, sisterhood and community safety in the face of the oppressive systems that fuel mass control and mass incarceration. She insists in centering the experiences of women and gender non conforming people, particularly of color, in the analysis and data around state and police violence.  Art by @primo_agitarte (IG) of AgitArte

Season 3, Episode 1: Frontlines of Disaster

Living less than ten years away from the severe effects of climate change, we look at the sea-level rise and what it means for coastal communities of color. From San Juan to Miami, we explore what is known as ‘climate gentrification,’ some of the events driving climate refugees from the Caribbean to the US, disaster policing, and mutual aid through an intersectional lens. This episode features Vanessa Uriarte, a Caribbean environmentalist + member of Amigxs del Mar, and Valencia Gunder, organizer of Smile Trust + the Red, Black, and Green New Deal.


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